A Questionnaire series

A question as a contract. As interaction as a version of a play that is staged. When you see a doctor or a therapist, they will ask you about certain things, do certain examinations. Are you sleeping well these days? Do you live alone? It is a sudden dive into very private topics you usually would not discuss with a stranger. Through the framework of the interaction, a cheography between patient and the one providing help, the usually well-established border between what you talk about in conversations and what you leave out is moved significantly.

At the same time, the techniques used in medicine and psychology aim at standardization: How to quantify, how to pin down a person? How to assess certain qualities which are very hard to grasp? Drawing on my background in medicine, being a physician, I want to research and recontectualize these interactions that usually take place in the technical enviroment of a doctor's office or a hospital, usually behind closed doors: It is just you an the doctor, and we kind of supposed to go, but at the same time many people are subject to an unfamiliar situation resulting in the hierarchial interaction between someone who is a professional and someone who is not.

What do the questions a doctor asks even tell? Do you know a person if you have the answers, can you pin down somebody by a framework of questions with are standardized and evaluated? And what is normal, and what is pathologic?


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