This program wants to professionalize the art makers placing them in the middle of our scene.

We counsel and organise  group workshops, face to face meetings in administration, production and artistic matters with the great help and support from our network of partners in Vienna.

WUK performing arts makes art for the new Vienna, the Vienna that has experienced a broad international influx in recent years. All artists supported by WUK performing arts come from an international context and have chosen Vienna as their centre of life.

WUK performing arts realises interdisciplinary projects, productions and formats that oscillate between performance, visual arts, music, dance, theatre, choreography, digitality, text, sound and video. In the form of co-productions, cooperations, guest performances or formats created especially for WUK performing arts, it offers artists from the performance arts time, space, publicity and support for the development and realisation of their projects. With over 300 participating artists each year, WUK performing arts offers numerous different art actors a place for their work. Almost 90% of the productions shown in the WUK performing arts programme are being presented in Vienna for the first time.

WUK performing arts stands for risk, for experimentation and for trust in the unknown. Artistic freedom is paramount.

WUK performing arts supports young artists and offers them a professional working environment in which they can realise their artistic projects.

In cooperation with the mentoring programme HUGGY BEARS, WUK performing arts powers for the Huggy Bears artists a series of workshops about light technic, video technic, sound technic and  sessions on how to communicate with the venue (technical staff and programmers).

Eventually, WUK performing arts also creates the framework conditions for the finalisation of the works: a central performance venue in the WUK, technical preliminary discussions, intensive press and public relations work to promote the projects, comprehensive technical support in the WUK, performance fees, ticket sales, supervision of the performances and communication with an audience through accompanying artist talks. With these tools, the artists are supported in gaining a foothold in the field of performative art and in further developing themselves and their work. This form of support for young artists is an important building block for the further development of the performing arts in Vienna.

brut Wien and HUGGY BEARS have been working together continuously since 2016 as part of the imagetanz festival. Each year in March, the HUGGY BEARS artists provide first insights into their projects in the frame of the brut series Handle with care, open up their rehearsal and research processes and create space for dialogue and exchange during the studio visits.
brut Wien is a production and performance venue for performative arts in Vienna and is one of the most renowned institutions of the independent performance, dance and theatre scene. The brut programme stands for experiment and interdisciplinarity and presents the diversity and difference of the independent performing arts scene. In addition to productions in the theatre space, brut also realises site-specific projects and focuses on artistic creative processes, dialogue with the city, cooperation with related artistic disciplines as well as theory and discourse.

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