Session with Frida

By exploring darkness, semi-darkness, sound and voice the performance aims at exploring the possibility of (dis)closure in stage. At the moment I am in conversation with the Lacanian psychoanalyst Markus Zöchmeister and recording our sessions. The aim of this dialogue is to have an on stage psychoanalysis session which will be mixed with sonorous memories and songs (collaboration with neo muyanga) and maybe dimmed video projections (collaboration with ujjwal utkarsh).

I also aim at recording a couple of shamanic sessions in Mexico that would be part of the sonorous landscape.

The project started asking the possibility of healing from personal/collective pain but it has transformed into the vertigo of loneliness, void and emptiness.

A performance on possibility of healing

In order to understand the trembling movement of the world, it is imperative to do it from where one stands. I am a Mexican woman living in Austria. I, as everyone else, am an island connected in an archipelagic manner to the trembling ocean that is the world. The quest of this performance leans towards pain, towards understanding suffering as a complex combination of personal, historical andsocial pain. The performance will be elaborated around a real live psychoanalysis session on stage and other healing practices such as songs, prayers and encantations.

Frida Robles

Conceptual artist and curator. With the support of the FONCA Young Creators she wrote the book “All love letters are ghost stories” as an outcome of an open research on love for which she performed as a public scrivener in the Santo Domingo square in Mexico City. She is currently a PhDin Philosophy candidate at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna with support from the JUMEX Contemporary Art Foundation.


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